Four generations of Dobles farming in Shiplake.

Our family are proud to have been farming in Shiplake since 1904.  Stephen is the fourth generation to take the reins and is passionate about farming  in a way that balances food production with caring for the environment.

We grow a mix of wheat, oilseed rape, linseed and quinoa  in rotation on the home farm and for neighbouring farms.  Each year we produce enough milling wheat to make over 1.2 million loaves of bread and enough oilseed rape to fry 270,000 bags of crisps! We also rear Aberdeen Angus beef cattle on the water meadows beside the River Thames where they thrive on the lush grass in summer.
Over fifteen acres of the farm is dedicated to encouraging biodiversity, particularly farmland birds and pollinating insects. We are also working with neighbouring farmers to create a network of habitats for pollinating insects and have already planted over three kilometres of new hedges.  We are working towards reducing our carbon footprint and have committed to reaching Nett Zero by 2040.

None of this would be possible without our team. Murray and Kevin have over seventy years of farming experience between them and can turn their hands to just about anything.  We love farming here and will strive to do so for many more years.